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Movies about Spitfire and history

Simulated combat between pairs of Bf-109 and Spifire Mk I - circa 1940

Spitfires in Combat

Spitfire, the legend, the facts and its opponent

Spifire landing

Spifire Mk I

Spitfire Mk IIa

Spitfire PR.XIX Startup by Steve Hinton at Chino, California (contra Griffon)

On board a Mark V Spitfire flown by Andy Sephton

Gerald Stapleton from No. 603 Sqaudron talks about the Spitfire vs Bf109

Adolph Galland

Robert Stanford Tuck

Battle of Britain - Pilot's view

Battle of Britain Newsreels

Rolls Royce display engine blasts

Contra-prop Griffon display engine

Battle of Britain (History Station)?

Battle of Britain combat and dogfights

Spitfire crashes

Spitfire K5054 replica crashes at airshow

Supermarine Spitfire crash airshow

Spitfire television series

Piece of Cake

a six-part television mini-series made in 1988, based on Derek Robinson's book.

Piece of Cake was a six part 1988 television series, depicting the life of a Royal Air Force fighter squadron from the day of the British entry into World War II through to one of the toughest days in the Battle of Britain (7 September 1940). The series was produced by London Weekend Television. The series is based on the 1983 novel of the same name, by Derek Robinson. In the book, the squadron is equipped with Hurricanes. The relative rarity of airworthy Hurricanes in the late 1980s precluded their use in the television series. The squadron depicted was the fictional Hornet Squadron, which was equipped with Supermarine Spitfire fighters, and deployed to France, where it waited out the Phoney War in comfort and elegance, until the German attack on Western Europe in May 1940. One by one, nearly all of the original pilots were killed and as losses mounted, the character of the squadron changed from a casual nonchalance to a fight for survival. By the end of the series, only four of the original fourteen officers had survived.

Piece of Cake - intro [removed] Piece of Cake - (spoiler warning) series finale [removed]

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